Hypnosis demonstrations!

Everyone is curious about hypnotists. How do they do it? A hypnotist, for instance, quickly becomes the talking point at a conference - which is always good for morale. Why not arrange your own demonstration from a professionally qualified artiste? It will surprise you to see how your unconscious mind plays tricks on you.


Regardless of the numbers attending, Patrick is happy to appear at your company event or conference. The more the merrier! During the performance, you will each be entertained, inspired and educated about hypnosis. And will definitely laugh!


You will see at first hand how the unconscious mind plays tricks on us all. Often called the ideomotor response, it's fascinating to witness - especially since we remain in control of our fears, worries, stressors and our own expectations of ourselves under hypnosis. Many motivational speakers are good, of course - with the likely impact only remaining during the presentation. Patrick's success, however, is in demonstrating an affect which goes well beyond the conference hall or meeting place. Sometimes for weeks ahead... Please note: commerical rates reflect Patrick's experience and value to the commerical client.