Successful treatments

In this section, you can find out about particular and documented cases where Patrick has successfully used his hypnotist skills.
It’s easy to arrange an appointment.  
The following steps are recommended:
Step 1: Make a decision to act. Call and make an appointment. You'll find Patrick personable and helpful. 
​Step 2: After making an appointment, please keep your promise to yourself to act. It's so easy to give up and stick to the old ways.
​Step 3: You will be encouraged to feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.
​Step 4: You will be asked to work on your breathing as this helps effective hypnosis. You will remain seated at all times.
​Step 5: You will only be asked to close your eyes once you yourself are happy to be hypnotised. You will remain seated.
​Step 6: During hypnosis, you will remain in control of all aspects of your senses. You will remain seated at all times.
​Step 7: You will experience a state of relaxation that you are likely never to have experienced prior to hypnosis.
​Step 8: You will allow your unconscious mind to change and improve during the hypnosis session.
​Step 9: You will come out of hypnosis feeling wonderfully well.
Step 10: You will leave the session with some practise work which will enable the hypnosis to have a continuing effect.
Step 11:  You are likely to want to tell others of the positive and possible permanent effects of hypnosis. They will be encouraged to hear this. Patrick is happy to give you an easy-to-understand explanation of hypnosis which you can confidently pass on to others.
IMPORTANT NOTE: A common error people make in affecting change is to try and change their minds. Surprising, isn't it? Why would this be an error of judgement though? When people talk about changing their minds, they mostly mean the conscious mind. That's like trying to tell a banana to become an orange!
Instead, hypnotists allow you to talk to your unconscious mind. Famous hypnotists have successfully shown time and time again that this is where change occurs. You, too, will start to believe that anything is possible. Hypnosis is used by stars, celebrities and sportspeople to make this change. Ordinary people like you and me now have access to this service which used to be the the reserve of the stage hypnotist.
Google is great! You will see wonderful things about hypnosis on the web. Please do ask Patrick for recommendations on the best internet sites offering useful explanations of hypnosis. With years of experience in knowing 'what good looks like,' he can show you the difference professional hypnosis makes.  

Case Studies

Name: Alasdair

Age: 48

Job: Senior executive

Issue: Motivating the team

Alasdair is successful in the pharmaceutical industry. He enjoys his job and meeting new people. He wanted to inspire his team to achieve more, and be more committed to customer service. Alasdair asked Patrick to speak to his team on two occasions. As well as individual sessions, Patrick worked with the whole team. Since then, Alasdair noticed that his team were delivering everything he expected from the programme. The presentation feedback showed that it was well received, lots of fun and delivered in a friendly way.  Patrick has been asked back to talk to other teams in other loctions.

Having fun at work can be enormously difficult. Business is a serious ... business. Therefore, it does take someone new in to talk to teams of workers. Someone who is talented and skilled and entertaining with a firm understanding of the need to be impactful. Patrick worked alongside Alasdair and John the other director to deliver something new; the whole team welcomed this as a change of approach.  

Name: Callum

Age: 28

Job: Shop worker

Issue:  Just been promoted - anxiety


Callum started shop work after school. He was offered a supervisory post at his workplace, but was always reluctant to take this step as it was a challenge to his confidence and abilities. Patrick allowed Callum to grow his confidence over three hypnotherapy sessions. Afterwards, Callum took on the supervisor’s role and is working successfully towards his first management job.


New opportunities can be wonderful, plus earn you more money.  However, sometimes it's just too much to handle, awkward and a worry. That's how hypnotherapy can help to build confidence and enhance skills.



Name: Sasha

Age: 55

Job: Director

Issue:  Leadership

Sasha organises regular meetings, events and conferences for her company employees. Struggling to make the meetings interesting, she invited Patrick to attend an event to break up the work sessions. She also wanted to give employees insight into how other people think, how to change others' behaviour and relax more from the stress of work, targets and sales. After presenting at one meeting, Patrick was asked back to every other meeting to talk to the staff.


Name: Siobhan 

Age: 48

Job: Care sector worker

Issue:  Job change - asked to talk to small groups of staff


Siobhan is a professionally qualified care sector worker. She has always been terrified of speaking in public, even to small groups. Within her role, she has to make short presentations to an audience. Though she knows her stuff, she needed support with her speaking skills - including breathing, dealing with nerves and how to give a successful presentation. After two hypnotherapy sessions with Patrick, Siobhan can now meet her boss’s expectations of her leading a team of people.

Knowing that you need to improve your ability to give short presentations to small groups is a good sign. This self-awareness is your own toolbag to success. It takes courage, strength of character and practice to confidently get on your feet in front of people.  


Name: Julie

Age: 23

Job: Postgraduate student

Issue:  Exam anxiety and stress

Julie is a bright person. She is expected to do well - which brings its own pressures. In fact, she feels she can't always live up to others' expectations. In her studies, friendships and relationships, she worries about being under too much pressure to be someone who is always a laugh. Julie met with Patrick four times for some elementary hypnotherapy. Using techniques taught, she learned how to relax and deal with others' expectations. And now has reached the stage where she finds it easier to say no to things. Though she lost some friends, she gained new ones. And is a much more contented young woman.

The question more often asked than not about hypnotherapy is "Does it work?" The answer has to be that you won't know until you have tried it. Then you'll believe when you tell others to try it too. That's how good news spreads!

Name: Gibby

Age: 55

Job: Agency driver

Issue:  Overweight for height


Gibby has a job where he is always sitting down; he doesn’t get the chance to exercise. With three grandchildren, he wants to be around for them as they grow up.  Because his weight has been a challenge, he decided to deal with this. After six meetings with Patrick and some elementary hypnotherapy, Gilbby has changed his attitude to food. He no longer sees food as a comfort, and instead considers it as  an energy source. This suprising change of mind has allowed him to lose weight successfully. His grandchildren are delighted too!

Hypnotherapy is a recognised method for successfully treating attitudes to food. If you want to lose weight, eating less isn't the answer.

Don't think you can change your attitude?  You won't know until you have tried. Call Patrick to find out more...