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Patrick Brady, Hypnotist


Patrick Brady is Scotland’s foremost showstopping hypnotist. 

As a successful entrepreneur, having built three businesses in Scotland, Patrick was appointed

Entrepreneur in Residence at a leading Scottish University. He discovered that giving people the rules and tools for personal and business success was not enough; the change needed could be found in changing minds - not inspiring hearts.  


"The key to successfully changing minds is in selecting the correct professional hypnotist." Patrick Brady.


Patrick Brady is one of the "Top 14 Most Loving People To Follow On Twitter" - Selected by Global Influencer @MarjiJSherman Social Media Guru 

Patrick provides hypnotherapy to help you deal with challenging life issues, find the confidence to develop your career, or successfully run a corporate and business staff development training event.


As a gifted Life and Business Coach, Patrick has enabled dozens of people to become the person they wanted to be. Plus many entrepreneurs have started up in business with Patrick’s support and encouragement.


As a father, friend and business entrepreneur, Patrick has developed a keen sense of the value of personal support in helping people be the best that they can be. After all, life is a challenge!


There is no embarassment in needing a helping hand to become a better, happier and more successful person.


Patrick has supported hundreds of ordinary people. It took just one step for them in booking an appointment to start a new journey...


Why did Patrick train as a qualified hypnotherapy practitioner?

After developing his own successful businesseses, overcoming all the commercial barriers to success and dealing with several personal and lifestyle challenges of building a business, Patrick transfers these skills to others through life and business coaching programmes.


Patrick realised that there was still something missing. “I quickly found out that by giving people the missing jigsaw piece, it helped them change their mind about certain aspects of their life and thoughts. The critical mind is a barrier to people making changes, and they rarely listened properly to their gut instinct found in their subconscious.


By training as a professionally qualified therapist, Patrick can complete the jigsaw for them. Simple hypnotherapy changes attitudes. By opening the door for people, they realise that they are more than they think they could ever be.”

What makes Patrick unique among hypnotherapists? Why does he stand out?

Patrick is a Chartered Health practitioner, as well as holder of a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy. What's more, he has passed the NCH (National Council for Hypnotherapy) examinations.


In addition, Patrick has a Master of Business Administartion postgraduate degree and a Batchelor of Law degree.

What are the costs of a hypnotherapy session?

An initial first session of hypnotherapy costs £50.  Costs thereafter are discussed at the time of setting the next appointment with Patrick.

I have a common issue. I'm irritated, annoyed and a little stressed with noises of all sorts. Is this something a Hypnotherapist has great success with?

Yes. Client testimonials tell their own story of success when working with Patrick in this area! Practically every one has their own unique level of what type and kind of noise is acceptable to them.

The hypnotist can provide you with examples of the method of hypnosis used with such concerns. Take inspiration from this. Make an appointment. Try hypnosis.  

What makes Patrick different from others who provide exactly the same services?

Having walked the walk, talked the talk and taken risks to change his own life in dramatic fashion, Patrick is well placed to empathise with you if you seek to make real life changes. 


Sometimes, it takes a sense of ‘I’ve had enough of this’ for people to want to change. Patrick can support anyone who wants to make changes to live a better life. This even works for people who have tried other approaches without success.

Why are the sessions priced the way they are? There are cheaper options out there.

You get what you pay for; we all know that. This opportunity is about the most important thing in your life - your life. Everything in your life depends on how you cope, feel and react to challenges.


Patrick creates individually-tailored personal plans that specifically deal with your ambitions. The price paid reflects the level of success that can be achieved.

Doesn’t every hypnotherapist do the same thing?

No. Some practitioners often spend a large part of whole session talking and chatting.


Patrick’s unique approach, however, is to promise to work on issues immediately after the first seven minutes of any session. This gives you real value for money. And, more importantly, lets Patrick start his work to support any change you need. It's worked well, and is a successful approach!

I see the benefit of this but will it work for me?

It is important that you do your own research. At some point you will either believe that you can do this alone, or that you could benefit from a session with Patrick. 


Maybe you have tried another hypnotherapist and were disappointed at the results? Patrick is quite happy to take on clients once they are sure that they really do want to make a change in their life.

How much time will I need for hypnotherapy?

Each session lasts up to an hour and a quarter. Work starts immediately after introductions.


You can book an appointment with Patrick, subject to availability.  Weekend appointments are also available. Patrick can usually fit in a first appointment on a weekend when his weekday diary is full.

I only want hypnotherapy. Can this be done?

Yes, of course. Patrick is a qualified hypnotherapy practitioner. If you only need hypnotherapy, an initial chat with Patrick will clarify everything for you.

I don't want hypnotherapy. I just want some personal support?

That's fine too. You and your needs are the important focus of Patrick's work.  


It's true to say that different people respond to different techniques. So rest assured, there will always an approach to suit you to help you achieve success, feel happier, be more at peace and feel less stressed.

Will I feel queasy after hypnosis?

Not all all. Hypnotherapy is simply your chance to relax from your critical mind. After completing hypnotherapy, you can spend further time discussing your progress - enabling you to go on to your next piece of business feeling better.

I have an idea that I would like to discuss with Patrick. I’m not sure what I want out of a session?

It is this telephone call which could change your life. You won't be sold a session, or persuaded to make an appointment as Patrick is busy enough without taking on unwilling clients.


That means you can make your own decision based on the information given to you. The choice is yours...

Can I not just do hypnotherapy by watching YouTube?

You can certainly try it. It might entertain, and excite you to see how successful hypnotherapy can be.


However, nothing replaces or works better than face-to-face contact in your own appointment with your own professional hypnotherapy practitioner.

I’ve seen some scary stuff on the internet about hypnosis. Will I be scared?

There is a lot of scary stuff about everything on the internet. You will become your own best advert for the changes you make once you have started the process of change for yourself. That’s not scary - that’s truly exciting...

I already feel fully fulfilled in my life and I'm completely happy with everything I have. I'm in control and I'm successful already.

Come work with me! You'll be in partnership with like-minded people. The rest of us ordinary human beings would hugely benefit from being around you... Just get in touch!

What do others say about Patrick?

Marji J Sherman, top Social Media strategist and global Social Media guru, selected 14 Twitter users as her 'most loving people to follow on Twitter'. 


This is what she said:


Patrick Brady (@MrMindMiracle)


"Patrick found me as a newbie to Twitter and it has been a pleasure watching him 'grow up.' He has authentic conversations with those who engage with the content he shares, and makes sure to applaud work well done on a consistent basis."


Quite an impressive accolade from an influential and discerning source.


You can find her on Twitter at @MarjiJSherman 


In Patrick's role as Entrepreneur in Residence, the following link is worth a good read!



Patrick's selfless commitment to 'Paying-It-Forward' is seen in his work in changing minds to make a positive difference in the world.

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Performance booking: For corporate events, entrepreneur gatherings, company sales and staff meetings.


Life coaching: What is life coaching, and why does it matter? Life coaching is mentoring to support ambitious individuals in their personal development and career.


Motivational speaker with a difference by providing top class entertainment:  What is a motivational speaker? What's the purpose? To make changes that last beyond a conference, exhibition or staff event. No individual achieves this more effectively than THE Entertaining Hypnotist.


Hypnotherapy can help with:


  • Stress and anxiety

  • Weight loss

  • Addictions 

  • Public speaking skills

  • Sleeping troubles

  • Daily life issues

  • Fear of flying

  • Exam stress






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